Wild Africa 


S e n e g a l

Réserve de Fathala

Niokolo Koba NP

 Réserve de Bandia

West African Buffalo

West African Roan

Western GIant Eland

First country ever visited in West Africa. Most of the time we spent in Bandia Reserve working with friends on monitoring and capture operations of Western Giant or Derby´s Elands. Some antelopes has been transported to Fathala Reserve in the south. These are only two places on Earth with these endangered antelopes in human care. Estimations of the last possible population in NIokolo Koba National Park is maximum 100-170 heads. Niokolo Koba is one of the largest national parks in West Africa. According to abundance of wildlife it is hardly comparable with traditional East and South African game parks. For us it was a great challenge to document local subspecies and few forms rarely seen in other parts of Africa, but here sometimes common.


Buffon´s Kob

Harnessed Bushbock

Guinea Baboon

Callithrix Monkey

Patas Monkey

Introduced species