Wild Africa 

E t o s h a

Angolan Giraffe

Herds near waterholes

Etosha Land


Damara Zebra

Etosha by Night

Black Rhino

Elephants of Etosha

Etosha — “the great white place“ or „place of emptiness“ - is one of Africa‘ s greatest parks in both size and variety of wildlife species. The park‘ s vegetation is mainly mixed scrub, mopane savannah and dry woodland that surrounds the huge Etosha Salt Pan. About 40 water holes spread out along 800 km of roads provide many vantage points from which to watch game. After my opinion it was much more better to sit and wait against waterhole  than make game drives.



Greater Kudu

Etosha Lions

Oryx or Gemsbok

Black-faced Impala


Other wildlife of Etosha