Wild Africa 

U g a n d a

UWEC Entebbe 2013

Uganda, known as a „Green Pearl of Africa“ (Winston Churchill) lies at the border of the rainforest and savannah world. One-sixth of its area is covered by water. Along its western boundary lie the Ruwenzori—Mountains of the Moon. The Ugandans claim the source of the Nile is at Jinja, where it leaves Lake Victoria. For the first time we have traveled Uganda in 2002 visiting  Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale parks. Second visit we realized in 2013.


Lake Mburo 2013

Kibale Forest 2013

Mgahinga Gorillas 2013

Murchison Falls 2013

Queen Elizabeth 2013

Kidepo Valley 2013

Semliki Forest 2013

Local breeds and rural Uganda 2013

Bwindi Impenetrable 2002

Kibale Forest 2002

Bwindi Gorillas 2002

Bujagali Falls 2002

Queen Elizabeth 2002

Mount Elgon 2002

Mpanga Forest 2002