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This page is a visual celebration of African mammals, wildlife and landscape. You can browse our photogalleries from 12 African countries. You can learn some interesting facts and details from the biology, ecology and conservation. Each picture is usually followed by short and informative text about the subject. Our photographic effort is focused predominantly on African mammals. Beside extensive photogalleries we offer also galleries of other or rare African mammals from captivity and worldwide museums. As an employees of the zoo we know some of them on daily basis. For those who are not willing to spend too much time with browsing our photographic footage (around 9000 pictures) we prepared short animated photogalleries. We are not professional photographers. So, please do accept fact that many of the photographs have a documentary value only. For us it is not important which type of camera we are using. We want to collect images of disappearing and most exciting continent and to document diversity of African mammals.










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Why Africa?


Is it her wide open spaces? Is it her wild animals? Is it her people? Or is it the heartbeat of an ancient continent? All or some of these may account for your love of Africa. And ours too. You may already love Africa as we do. If you do not yet, you may soon come to. If, by sharing our passion with you via Wild Africa, we are able to kindle even the smallest fire, we will be very happy.


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What we do and why?


Time for Africa is now. To document the dissappearing world of African mammals, especially ignored species or subspecies, is our main goal. In twenty or twenty five years there will be no more free ranging African game, and some forms will simply extinct.