Edinurgh 2013


Colin Peter Groves is Professor of BIological Anthropology at the Australian National University. Born in England on 1942, he emmigrated to Australia in 1974. Professor Groves´ research interests are human evolution, primates, mamma-lian taxonomy, skeletal analysis, biological anthropology, ethnobiology and biogeography. His most important publications in recent time is Primate Taxonomy (2001), and Ungulate Taxonomy (2011). He was invited to give a lecture at the EAZA conference held in Edinburgh, September 2013. This was an highlight of the whole event for me. I you are reading his papers and texts from your childhood, you respect him and consider all his work as a very inspirative. A complete 25 minutes long talk of professor Groves was recorded on video and hopefully will be published soon. He explaned and commented his philosophy and concept of the Ungulate Taxonomy. As he said „This book caused a lot of jaws to drop“.



„We must not regard a taxonomic scheme as set in stone simply because it has been sanctified by tradition.“



„Species are evolutionary lineages, recognisable

by diagnosability“