London, 2011

Jonathan Kingdon, one of the foremost authorities on African mammals, has written and illustrated many world known books. One of the most recognized is his famous field guide which sets new standards in African mammalogy. The author covers all the known species of African land mammal in a concise text providing full information on identification, distribution, ecology, evolutionary relationships, and conservation status. Kingdon combines his long personal experience of life in Africa and his artistic talent with the best that modern natural history and biological science can offer. With over 480 color pictures and 280 maps covering some 1,100 mammal species, this book is an essential companion to all visiting Africa or with an interest in the mammals of the continent.


His most recent activity is the compilation of a part-edited, part-self-authored handbook on the Mammals of Africa. Initiated by J. Kingdon and now completed, this work consists of six volumes, approx. 4000pp and has been about ten years in preparation. “The Mammals of Africa” is a large-scale collaborative enterprise involving two fellow editors, three associate editors and some 350 authors drawn from a wide range of scientific disciplines.


It was a great pleasure to me to participate the Zoological Society London (ZSL) Symposium in November 2011 with contributions of world leading antelope experts and with one lecture of Jonathan Kingdon. The main topic of the conference was the Antelope Conservation in the 21st Century: from diagnosis to action. Most valuable moments for me were the personal talks with this inspirative man. Here are some photos from the meeting with JK.